A trusted partner

65 Equity Partners is a global investment firm that seeks to support founders in their growth journey.

We invest in established family-owned and entrepreneur-led middle market businesses in Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States, across the consumer, industrials, business services, healthcare and technology sectors.

We provide bespoke capital solutions to fund growth, finance M&A, facilitate shareholder reorganisations and optimise balance sheets.

With US$3.3 billion in funds under management and offices in Singapore, London and San Francisco, we seek to partner with founders to achieve their business aspirations, by tapping into our global network, combined experience and industry expertise.

We aim to leverage our international reach and local presence, in particular our Asian network, as a collaborative and value-adding partner.

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Supported by Temasek, an investment company incorporated in 1974 and headquartered in Singapore with 13 offices globally and nearly US$300 billion of assets under management, we can leverage a wider ecosystem and network globally.

Investment strategy

Supporting established family-owned and entrepreneur-led businesses seeking growth.


Mid-market investments

We typically invest $50-150 million in well-managed family-owned and entrepreneur-led businesses with clear growth strategies.


Flexible capital

We provide customized financing solutions tailored to the needs and objectives of our partners, including straight or structured equity, with supportive governance.


Longer-term perspective

We are a committed, long-term trusted partner with the ability to commit capital for up to 7 years.


Sector focus

We focus on established industry-leading middle market companies in the consumer, industrials, business services, healthcare and technology sectors, leveraging the 150 years’ experience of 30 investors across the globe.


Global presence

With teams in Singapore, London and San Francisco, we combine our local capabilities and international perspective with the expertise, global network and ecosystem of Temasek, for the benefit of our partners.


Anchored in Asia

We are anchored in Asia, with local insights and a broad network in this region.

Our regional strategies

We operate locally in Southeast Asia, Europe and the USA
Local Enterprise Fund</php>

Local Enterprise Fund

Our Local Enterprise Fund investment program supports Singapore based enterprises in their business expansion and regionalisation.

Anchor Fund</php>

Anchor Fund

Our Anchor Fund investment program invests in high growth companies operating in South East Asia, partnering with them ahead of an eventual listing in Singapore, either on a standalone basis or in addition to a listing in their home countries or on an international stock exchange.

International Fund</php>

International Fund

Our International Fund partners with industry leading and established founder-led and family-owned companies in Europe and the USA.

We have ownership stakes in Singapore based private equity funds Heliconia Capital Management, Tower Capital Asia and Novo Tellus Capital Partners.

Affiliate funds

We have interests in the following Singapore and International funds.

GP interest of 100%

Heliconia is a $1.7 billion fund, and makes direct investments into small medium enterprises and growth-oriented companies across Singapore and Southeast Asia.

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GP interest of 30%

Tower Capital is a $450 million private equity buyout fund focusing on entrepreneur-led and family businesses in Southeast Asia.

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GP interest of 10%

Novo Tellus is a $250 million Southeast Asia-focused PE firm focusing on the mid-market technology and industrial sectors.

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LP interest of 10%

FSI is a €1.4 billion Italian mid-market private equity fund focusing on investments in family and entrepreneur owned companies in Italy.

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(1) Based on S$2.27b on USDSGD of 1.36