Forging trusted partnerships

Our philosophy & values

Committed, collaborative and trusted partners

We focus on being a supportive and additive partner. We listen, we learn and we engage to provide support and thought leadership to the executive team.

Long-term view

We firmly believe in taking a long-term approach, from our people, partners, shareholders, to the strategies and performance of our partner companies. We have the culture to provide a long-term partnership approach to families and entrepreneurs.

Trust and integrity

All our partnerships are based on a fundamental foundation of trust. We are committed to conducting ourselves in a respectful, professional manner and with the utmost integrity.

Value creation driven

We support companies and their management teams to achieve their growth potential. We seek to generate sustainable and compelling risk-adjusted long-term returns alongside our partner companies.

Responsible investing

Our high ethical standards are supported by a strong ESG commitment. We are aware of our impact on society and the environment, and strive to adopt and reflect ESG practices in our investments.

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Creating sustainable value together

We provide capital solutions </php>

We provide capital solutions

We provide capital to enable growth, M&A financing, shareholder re-organisations, balance sheet optimisation as well as privatisations. We have the flexibility to invest straight equity or structured equity, with a focus on providing minority capital.

We support sustainable business growth </php>

We support sustainable business growth

We support sustainable business growth by attracting talent, introducing organic growth initiatives and operational efficiency, transforming digitally, expanding internationally and pursuing M&A. We have the highest ethical standards supported by a strong ESG commitment.

With a long-term perspective</php>

With a long-term perspective

We are a committed and patient partner with the ability to pursue a long-term partnership approach allowing families and entrepreneurs to remain in control of their destiny working alongside a trusted and long-term partner.