Responsible investing

At 65 Equity Partners, we are a diverse and multi-cultural group of professionals who believe that responsible investment plays a critical role in building a sustainable society – for our investors, the stakeholders of our portfolio companies, local communities and the environment. We have a duty to act responsibly, which we believe will help us build fundamentally better companies. We do this by considering environmental, social and governance factors at all stages of the investment process.

Our commitment

We seek to integrate ESG throughout our investment cycle including opportunity screening and due diligence.

As part of our philosophy to create sustainable value, we are committed to supporting our portfolio companies on their ESG journey. We help them build a solid foundation with robust governance structures and assist them in achieving best practices by addressing key ESG factors and requirements.

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Our ESG principles

65 Equity Partners is a supporter of the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), the world's leading standard for reporting on responsible investment. Through priority areas, PRI's blueprint for responsible investing prioritizes some of the most pressing ESG issues in the world today - from climate change to the barriers around a more sustainable financial system - with a goal of creating a more prosperous and inclusivity societies for future generations.