NEON is a global leader in the production of immersive experiences, partnering with intellectual property (“IP”) owners such as leading studios and artifact owners. Such partners include The Walt Disney Company, Marvel Entertainment, 20th Century Studios, Hasbro, NBCUniversal, Lionsgate and Warner Bros. Themed Entertainment, as well as various governments which own original artifacts. With NEON’s capabilities in content creation, IP management, exhibition project management and engineering & robotics, these partnerships have enabled NEON to bring immersive experiences to visitors in more than 60 cities globally.

Who we partnered with?

65 Equity Partners is working alongside NEON’s Executive Chairman & Group CEO, Mr. Ron Tan, a successful entrepreneur who has led the company’s evolution into IP-based entertainment, as well as its experienced management team, to support the company’s growth globally.

What attracted us to the business?

There are secular tailwinds led by a shift in consumer spending towards experiences. NEON is well-positioned to strengthen its leading position in the experiential entertainment space with its portfolio of high quality IPs and track record in content creation and execution.

Our value creation strategy

We aim to leverage our expertise and global network to support NEON’s management team in its growth plans as well as strengthen its corporate governance and capabilities as it works towards an eventual public listing.